New Elements collection hits market

UAE: Integration of accessories is always a challenge facing designers and architects who are looking to provide uniform finishes to their projects. It’s been a common belief that necessary ancillary items have not always reached the same standard of design aesthetics as other elements like wall coverings and interior textiles.

Famous technology company Honeywell has been working against that notion and recently teamed up with MK to deliver a new range of lighting switches called Elements.

“The new range has varied material types within one range itself: synthetic, glass effect, metallic, wood and leather, unlike any previous ranges,” said Honeywell’s head of marketing, Yashdeep Sule.

He added: “The electronic touch dimmers and touch switches are quite unique to the Elements range—these touch products are a perfect fit for luxury apartments, villas, palaces, and high-end boutique hotels. The Elements range builds on a very strong legacy of the MK brand in the electrical products market to offer a very stylish, innovative quality and safe range to our end-users.”

Those at Honeywell insist that the new switches fall under a new genre called electro-chic: they sit at the point where engineering and technology meet beauty.

With the Elements collection, designers can customise the look of their electronic devises and choose from a wide array of colours, materials and finishes. Essentially, MK offers a design service that provides thousands of choices which allows designers to really specify their electrical accessories for any style interior.

Sule said: “The material and finish options, and the touch-based products, are quite differentiated and intuitive offerings in the electrical products market space. The entire user experience is different compared to other ranges.

“For example, the Elements Design Tool [provides] designers and end-users immense flexibility to choose the material and finish to create a product completely suited and customised to the client requirement.”

The Elements range consists of four different materials groups including: Elements Synthetics, which offers a natural landscape with finishes like chalk white, beach pebble and natural stone; Elements glass effect, which involves sleek, glossy and smart designs that come in ice white, polished jade, polished onyx or polished stone; Elements metallic, which provides muted tones and masculine textures like satin platinum and satin titanium; and Elements naturals, which brings organic aesthetics into the home like British oak and dark hide.

While the new collection only recently hit the market, it has already received a positive response. Sule explained: “We have received very encouraging and positive feedback from architects, designers, consultants and end-users across the region.”