NBBJ proposes new high-tech shading system

International architecture firm NBBJ have launched a new prototype for a shading system known as Sunbreak.

Inspired by Santiago Calatrava’s garage door design from 1985, the user-controlled sunshades lead to low energy costs and give buildings dynamic appearances throughout the day.

Currently, technology is centred around automatically regulating solar gains in buildings, but this leads to the lack of manual control and prevents space-users from adjusting their environment according to random needs.

Sunbreak takes advantage of folding geometry and a movable track system, and is controlled by sensors and a mobile app.

The sensors allow the shades to close or open depending on if there is movement within a room, while they will also be able to detect the proximity of clouds and adjust to allow the most natural light into a room. Additionally, a mobile app allows a user to control the settings if need be.

Currently, NBBJ is looking for a client to test the prototype on a large scale building.