Dubai Cares, Index Student Challenge, Natuzzi Sound Chair

Natuzzi Sound Chair student redesign goes on sale

The Natuzzi Sound Chair, redesigned by design students from Manipal University as part of this year’s Index Student challenge, will go on display at Natuzzi Showroom in Sheikh Zayed Road on December 19 from noon.

The third Index Student Challenge, in association with Interior Services Group (ISG) and design organisation, Tasmena, invited all regional universities to create a product in line with the theme ‘reuse’ by using local waste material from the region including plastic, paper or wood.

The winners were a team of eight from Manipal University, Dubai, who created a chair out of polyurethane foam bottle liners and backer rod.

Their prize was to redesign the Sound Chair by Italian furniture company, Natuzzi, which will now go on sale with all proceeds donated to Dubai Cares.

Dubai Cares works in countries with chronic deficiencies in primary education where it implements development programmes that target the underlying causes preventing children from accessing quality primary education.

The philanthropic organisation’s primary education programs integrate four key components:  School Infrastructure; School Health and Nutrition; Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) in Schools; and Quality of Education.