Nature and natural light inspire German nursery

Mattes Sekiguchi Partner Architekten has designed a naturalistic complex of playrooms and learning spaces for a school in the German city of Heilbronn.

The Kleinkindhaus nursery complements  the Waldorf School building’s green surroundings and the  architects sourced local timber to create an exposed wood-panelled  facade and a bare wooden interior.

Architect Kristina Heuer said: “The building is inspired by nature. It literally grows out of the site and unfolds like an organism.”

The building is inspired by Rudolf Steiner’s architectural theories promoting accessible spaces that open out to nature and are filled with natural light.

The elongated section acts as a backbone for three protruding group activity rooms, connected by a long corridor. These rooms open out into an external play area and include areas for the children to rest.

The main entrance leads to a multi-purpose room and reception area for guests, while suspended orbs illuminate the way to the kitchen, office and storage rooms.