Natural light usage feature of Iranian dental centre

Ayeneh Office has designed the white and grey walls of a dental clinic in Iran to be shaped and angled to maximise the amount of available natural light.

The facility is located in the city of Arad, and occupies the fourth floor of a five-storey building. Prior to renovation, the space included a hall and three rooms, which were “juxtaposed without any concept”.

The studio began its renovation by demolishing all the interior walls and ceilings. Only the columns and facades were preserved.

To accommodate the client’s request the architects set up the spaces so that the main treatment rooms – which required more light – were positioned around the edges of the building.

“We extended this fractured geometry to harmonise with other spaces in the plan,” they added. “Using these fractures and angles, we made a barrier against direct views to the rooms, created a space in front of each room entrance, and reduced the corridor sense of the circulation area.”