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Naples studio completes concrete music and art centre in India

Images of the new Music and Art Center (M.A.C) has been unveiled by Naples-based studio Made in Earth, located in Tiruvannamalai, a town in southern India.

All images courtesy of Made in Earth

The project was designed and executed in collaboration with non-profit trust Terre de Hommes, as part of a larger body of work that looks into local interventions.


The design uses available local materials and skill labour, constructed out of concrete and forming a serpentine wall that rises from the ground and later coils back into itself to make up a large multi-functional space.


The structure is reminiscent of traditional jaali screen walls found in India, which guarantees constant ventilation throughout the space and which wraps around the the exterior walkway, creating a procession into the space.

Other forms of cooling is a large sloping roof that is elevated above the top of the wall that shades the entrance of the centre as well as the interior space.


In addition to allowing in fresh air, the screening walls also filter direct sunlight into a less intense indirect glow that casts changing shadows along the ground.