Mosque to become focal point for community regeneration

A new mosque in a run-down part of the UK city of Birmingham will acts as a focal point to bring the local community together, according to its architect.

Urban designer Bob Ghosh, of K4, said the scheme had been designed to be inclusive, with the group behind the plans hoping it becomes a hub for everyone – not just Muslims.

Ghosh said: “There are buildings there which have been closed for 20 years.

“I think it is very important this part of the city gets regenerated.

“Now, we will be adding a café and a sports facility – which will be open to all parts of the community.”

Gosh said inter-faith dialogues was an important part of the development plans.

He added: “They have opened the process up – I have been at meetings with members of the Anglican and Catholic churches there too.

“They have also engaged young people. A lot of times, problems occur when young people are not engaged and the strategy from the start has been to make sure that doesn’t happen.”