Moscow branded “world’s most unfriendly city”

Even though it is a growing tourist destination with attractions such as St Basil’s Cathedral, Lenin’s Tomb and Red Square, Moscow has been dubbed the unfriendliest city in the world.

The Russian capital also has seen massive new developments in high rise buildings in recent years – but its resident were criticised for their “aloofness”.

France and the USA also received poor ratings with the French cities of Cannes and Marseille and five US cities including Los Angeles and New York entering the top 10.

Atlantic City, New Jersey was ranked the second unfriendliest city in the world

Moscow, Europe’s largest city, according to the MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index, was found to have “unhelpful locals”

Readers of Travel + Leisure were asked to rank 266 world cities on a range of categories including “the friendliness of their people”.

In the US, Atlantic City in New Jersey was ranked the second unfriendliest city with one visitor commenting: “It’s fun—if you like to gamble and don’t mind rude, fast-paced people.”

The top 15 world’s unfriendliest cities

1) Moscow, Russia

2) Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

3) St Petersburg, Russia

4) Marseille, France

5) Los Angeles, California, USA

6) New York, New York, USA

7) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

8) Baltimore, Maryland, USA

9) Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

10) Cannes, France

11) Beijing, China

12) Miami, Florida, USA

13) Washington, D.C., USA

14) Frankfurt, Germany

15) Boston, Massachusetts, USA