Dubai skyscrapers, Nhabitat, Rgg Architects

Modular skyscraper in Dubai by rgg Architects challenges dense vertical urbanism

Ankara-based practice rgg Architects has revealed plans for a tall tower called Dubai Nhabitat in the emirate.  The mixed-use skyscraper, spanning an area of 140,000m2 sited in Dubai Marina along Sheikh Zayed Road will be an aggregate of individual modules which can be enlarged or shrunk by an “8mx8m grid” based on programmatic needs, creating views and outdoor spaces unique to each spatial arrangement. These grids in each unit will help utilise daylight as much as possible, as well as featuring windows and partly full surfaces opening through the module to ensure maximum energy efficiency.

The architecture firm has said that the building’s design intent is to counter dense vertical urbanism with permeability through different materials and building tectonics.”  The 310m-tall structure will house 300 hotel rooms and 450 residential units arranged around varying circulation schemes throughout the upper floors of the tower. Overall, the density of the tower mass is broken by the introduction of  social activity spaces and terraces. The tower is designed to be constructed using an algorithmic software program and to be constructed with a composite system, including steel and concrete. 

Photos: rgg Architects

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