City of Pompeii, Director and lead designer, Mahnaz Liaghat, Mirk Architectural & Engineering, Mirk.

Mirk Group creates Pompeii Restaurant, JLT Dubai

Mirk Architectural & Engineering finds inspiration in the famous Italian City of Pompeii to design a newly opened restaurant in JLT, Dubai.

The firm, which specialises in hospitality business planning and feasibility, architectural, engineering and interiors was asked to create an interiors that reflects ‘an authentic experience of Italian food, and pizza’.

The city of Pompeii is a partially buried Roman town-city near modern Naples in the Italian region of Campania.

“Our designers created a logo that mimics the volcano’s mouth from Ponpeii and emphasised the fresco paintings on the wall that were indicative of the time period,” said Mahnaz Liaghat, director and lead designer, Mirk.

“The colours are all representations of natural, earthy concepts, which were common in ancient Pompeii. A very welcoming and comfortable seating area was designed for dine-in customers, as well as a welcoming entry counter for take away orders.

“The overall sense of the space linked well with the current new millennium and the history of the great city of Pompeii. It is simply the revival of Pompeii in our modern world, while maintaining the uniqueness and authenticity of the past.”

The main challenges the design team faced were designing within the allotted budget, while providing high-end materials and kitchen equipment to effectively run the restaurant.

“The pizza oven was another challenge, due to having it as wood burning, and the complications this had with the ventilation and operations,” added Liaghat.

“However, as in any project, challenges are an integral part of the design and implementation where true opportunities are found.”