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Metaform-designed Luxembourg Expo 2020 pavilion is first country pavilion to break ground

The Luxembourg pavilion is the first foreign country pavilion to break ground on the Dubai Expo 2020 site, designed by Luxembourg-based architecture studio Metaform, which has recently opened its office in Dubai. 

The spiral shaped Luxembourg pavilion will be located in the ‘Opportunity District’ of the Expo 2020 site designed by Bjarke Ingels Group, and will contain an exhibition space, a multi-purpose area, a restaurant, a shop, administrative office and technical facilities.

The pavilion design is centred around the theme ‘resourceful Luxembourg’ and aims to reflect the country’s reputation as a “smart nation” that connects the human, natural, technical, industrial and financial resources it needs to shape its future.

The formal proposition is inspired by a Möbius strip, where twisting and folding of a ribbon results in one single surface, with no beginning and no end, symbolising an infinity, and in the particular context of ‘cradle to cradle’, the circular economy.

This allows the pavilion to blur the lines between interior and exterior. The single face of the ribbon is at one time a floor, a wall, a ceiling, hence the multilayered scenography canvas. Altogether, a continuous flux of images and people is being distributed from the starting point to the top second floor.

The pavilion aims to engage visitors in understanding the landscape of Luxembourg which is mimicked by the spatial changes attributed to the pavilion, in terms of width, height, depth, view, and perspective.

The ground-breaking ceremony was attended by Deputy Prime Minister Etienne Schneider.

Speaking at the event on Sunday, Schneider said that the pavilion “will be a wonderful opportunity for us to promote what our country stands for – innovation and sustainable development.”

“It will have an eye-catching design that will appeal to all ages and interests, and we hope will be a major attraction for the millions of people attending Expo 2020,” he added.