Danube, MEA Awards 2017, Middle East Architect Awards

Meet MEA Awards 2017 platinum sponsor Danube

With the Middle East Architect Awards coming up on 22 November, to be held at the Ritz Carlton in JBR, Dubai, platinum sponsor Danube’s Zohaib Rahman, head of Alucopanel Middle East, speaks on the event as an industry benchmark.

Zohaib Rahman, head of Alucopanel Middle East

Why did you choose to sponsor this year’s awards?

The awards recognises the best projects and people in the architecture community across the Middle East. It’s a unique platform to meet like-minded people and build thought


What do you hope to gain as a sponsor?

Sponsorship is a great way to demonstrate your authority as an industry expert and consequently get heard. I would like to gain brand awareness and recognition, meet like-minded people, deliver targeted marketing and gain media exposure.

What are your hopes for this year’s projects?

We hope to gain the thought leadership position for our first and only aluminum composite panel factory in the Middle East, in conjugation with Alucopanel USA. We will be showcasing our A2 standard panels that have a stone core, making them much less susceptible to igniting than many existing panels that have a polythene (LDPE) core, which have contributed to a string of building fires in the UAE.

Meet MEA Awards 2017’s category sponsor Deltek.