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MEA Awards 2017: Jonathan Huang from Atkins wins Enginner of the Year

Jonathan Huang from Atkins received the Engineer of the Year award at the 2017 Middle East Architect Awards.

Huang has over 17 years of experience in Australia, the Middle East and South East Asia, and has worked on a number of super high-rise buildings throughout his career, including the Burj Khalifa, Circle on Cavill, and the Central Bank of Kuwait.

As a professional structural engineer, his main passion is in the design of super high-rise structures with challenging composite steel and concrete structure, as well as in wind engineering.

The judges praised Huang for his ability to “turn a vision into reality”.

Upon received the award, Huang said: “I’m really privileged to be recognised among my peers, especially the architects. A lot of times, architects feel that engineers are not as visionary as them, but actually if you think about it, we do collaborate a lot. And the trick is to understand how they [architects] think. And when you understand how they think, then you can help them and collaborate with them and make that vision a reality.”

“I have to dedicate this award to a lot of people. Growing up, you have mentors and they give you the opportunity to explore and I think this is really for the mentors that I have had in the past 17 years of my career,” he added.

Highly commended for her mission  to “improve the sustainability of the construction processes and for being a true asset to the greater team” is Engi Jaber of Dewan.

The award was presented by Stuart Watts, EMEA Business Director at Deltek.

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