Mentalla Said shares what lighting means to an interior designer

Crowned Young Interior Designer of the Year at the 2016 Commercial Interior Design Awards, Mentalla Said of Aedas Interiors speaks to Swedish lighting brand, Fagerhult, who presented the young designer her award on the night of the ceremony, about what lighting means to interior design.

What light means to you as an interior designer?

I have always believed that lighting design can make or break a good interior; and I see it a lot in practice, really beautifully designed interiors can be so underwhelming if the lighting design isn’t executed properly. We are used to working with lighting specialists for our large hospitality and residential projects, and the dynamic is very interesting, and is always a learning experience.

 If you were to design a perfect luminaire for any of your interiors, what would it look like?

I attended a fantastic workshop called ‘Illuminating the woods’ in France earlier this year where I worked with an inspiring group of designers from all over the world. Because we were limited on resource and time, we had to utilize solar power quite often, an aspect I would have probably overseen as an industrial designer. To go back to your question, I would create a solar powered desk lamp for my studio, something I could charge outside during the day and use to light up any late night sessions. I’d like it to be more about the lighting effect and function rather than the shape of the luminaire itself.

Young Interior Designer of the Year Mentalla Said – Aedas Interiors Shoot for Commercial Interior Design Awards 2016 held at Madinat Jumeirah Johara Ballroom on September 21, 2016 Dubai UAE Photo by Lester Apuntar/ITP Images;CID Winners Board

If a lighting manufacturer could fulfill all your wishes (in the form of lighting, of course), what would you wish for?

A light that inspires. If you ask anyone in the industry, they would tell you there is that one designer that has inspired them at one point in their career. I aspire to one day be the inspiration for someone else. What I create could be large or small, practical or a mere work of art, I don’t care as long as it inspires others.