Making design inclusive – disability awareness for architects

The challenges of designing a building easily accessible to people with a disability was the focus of an event held in Dubai.

Dom Smith, 29, is the founder of the UK-based group Disabled Entrepreneurs and has first-hand knowledge of the challenges faced as he has cerebral palsy

He visited the city to talk at the premises of OFIS – a company championing inclusive design products.

Smith said: “It is our job to raise that awareness, so what we do is ask architects  to consider things such as a ramp for wheelchair users and a working space that is flexible enough to accommodate individual needs. We want to inspire designers to get creative within their budgets.

“But I am never going to go to an architect and say ‘you are doing your job wrong’. Also I feel that everyone, whoever they are, has desire to help people, especially those with a disability. Our work is about unlocking that feeling.”