Luxurious stainless-steel clad tower trio planned for India

French architecture firm Maison Edouard Fracois’ has launched a large luxury complex boasting three stainless steel-clad skyscrapers.

It will house a hotel, a multiplex cinema and an apartment complex, with the spotlight shining on its shopping mall.

The mall covers most of the ground floor, featuring a glass-canopy. It will host internationally known brands such as Fendi and Chanel in independent marble buildings within the main structure. These opulent shopping units will be grouped along the mall axis in a traditional European neighbourhood style.

The roofs of the shops will be utilised as restaurant space, and will be connected to each other by elevated footbridges. This is done to create a unique, multi-level promenade which the architects described as “an exterior landscape that is air-conditioned and unified beneath the glass canopy of the mall.”

The lower parts of the towers will provide space for residential areas and a hotel, while the top of each tower will be made for the public featuring pools, gardens and bars, and connected via a misted suspension bridge between each other.

When built, it will be the first LEED Platinum-certified building in India.