Louvre Abu Dhabi achieves three pearl design rating

The Louvre Abu Dhabi has achieved a Three Pearl Design Rating Certificate, awarded by the Urban Planning Council (UPC) as part of its Estidama Pearl Building Rating System.

“The museum’s dome is one of the best examples of energy use reduction in its overall design. Acting primarily as a canopy to shelter the outside plaza and buildings below from the sun, the shade it provides will help reduce the building’s overall energy consumption,” said Dr. Nathalie Staelens, Head of Environmental Services at Tourism Development & Investment Company (TDIC).

The rating was provided after a review of the museum’s blueprint design as an interactive exercise conducted by an assessment team from UPC, TDIC and a multi-disciplinary consultant team that included structural engineers and lighting consultants, among others, involved in the museum’s construction.

The team’s findings showed a reduction in the Louvre’s external heat gain by 71.7 percent, which was achieved amongst others through the specification of highly insulated, airtight walls. These walls
provide a considerable reduction in the museum’s heat transfer levels, otherwise known as U-value performance. The minimal use of windows (low glazing ratio) also contributes to the lower heat transfer levels.

Expected for completion in 2015, the Lourve will be located in the heart of Saadiyat Cultural District in Abu Dhabi.