Mayor of London proposes three sites for new airport

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has recommended three significant locations for a new airport: the Isle of Grain in north Kent, Stansted, or an artificial island in the middle of the Thames. The decision came after an acknowledgement on Boris Johnson’s behalf that a new airport would contribute to a wider economic and regeneration potential to the city.

Daniel Moylan, the Mayor of London’s chief adviser on aviation, explained: “Heathrow can never solve our problems. […] The immense noise, pollution and congestion that would result from expanding an airport located in the heart of our suburbs would potentially devastate the greatest city in the world. Whereas the three potential sites for a new hub airport portray a compelling vision for the infrastructure, the economy and the international competitiveness that London and the wider UK could benefit from if we take the clear opportunities that are in front of us.”

He added: “A new airport would be accompanied by world-class public transport connectivity, it would have the resilience to withstand the worst the UK’s weather has to offer; and it would have the capacity to save you from being stranded in a never ending spiral of aircraft over the suburbs.”