Limah wins design job on revered Madinah mosque

UAE-based Limah Design Consultants has been appointed to develop a comprehensive wayfinding solution for the existing carpark of Al Masjed Al Nabawi in Madinah, Saudi Arabia, the second holiest site in Islam.

Often called the Prophet’s Mosque, the site currently suffers from major congestion.

“The car park can reach maximum capacity in a matter of minutes during peak prayer times, and major traffic congestion results,” explains Jason Lewis, founder and managing director of Limah.

Limah will design a digital navigation parking system with bright and clear LED signage which will assist drivers to find available spaces quickly. Upon entering the mosque, guests will also find many visual clues such as wall murals and brightly coloured signage to help them navigate.

Lewis added: “With such an important historical and religious site it’s important that everything we do is in keeping with the surroundings. For example, the design of the signs reflect the architecture of the nearby buildings, while the names used to define the areas of the carpark are the same as the areas above ground.

He added: “In fact the entire carpark system and wayfinding masterplan developed by Limah ensures that the underground spaces connect with the above locations, through the use of colours and traditional area names and patterns. The visual clues are depicted through all the levels of the sight, and we even go as far as incorporating the designs in the water features.”

Established in 622, Al Masjed Al Nabawi  is one of the largest mosques in the world and only second in importance to the Masjid al-Haram in Mekkah, Saudi Arabia.