Libyan arts centre is tribute to revolution

Libya Design, together with Allabina and HudHud, has completed creative hub in the city of Tripoli which is now a thriving cultural base bringing together local artists to exhibit their work, express their ideas and socialise in an informal environment.

It was inspired by the Libyan Revolution of 2011, as chairman of Libya Design Walid El-Turki explained:
“Doshma is an architectural response to a country’s struggle.”

The team has used the same materials and welding processed used to build defences by the Libyans,
selecting their construction materials to “reflect the spirit of the revolution” in their approach.

CEO of construction contractor and developer HudHud Omar Alelwani said: “It is important to us to
use local contruction methods and materials. It’s a small development, but a significant step for HudHud and Libya itself.”