Lego launches Architect Studio range

Toy company Lego has launched Lego Architecture Studio – a new set of building blocks aimed at the design community.

The Lego Architecture Studio set comprises over 1,200 pieces of 76 from wedge-shaped blocks to simple bricks, designed to give as much freedom and creativity to the maker as possible.

“Anyone with an interest in architecture can now create their own Lego original designs, as well as building mini-architectural masterpieces such as the Eiffel Tower and the Trevi Fountain,” said a statement from Lego.

The new design features black and white rather than the brightly-coloured bricks usually associated with the Danish company.

Building elements have been made as simple as possible and without embellishments to make them flexible for the creation of small or large-scale models.

“Architecture Studio takes Lego fans back to the basic building bricks that have inspired generations of aspiring architects, including me,” said urban planner Finn Williams, who launched the European version of the product at Lego’s London flagship store.

Lego aims to also strengthen the kit’s appeal to architects, engineers and construction industry professionals with a 250-page guidebook.

Architecture companies led by Sou Fujimoto, Ma Yansong and Moshe Safdie are among those that have contributed to the manual, reflecting on the construction toy’s double use as a design tool.

The book also includes examples of architecture to inspire Lego users, using diagrams to suggest ideas about scale, mass, surface, section, modules and repetition, as well as examples of projects built using the 1,200 bricks.

The launch of the kit coincides with the growing popularity of the Lego Architecture series, which offers sets of buildings such as Dubai’s Burj Khalifa to create reproductions of iconic buildings.