Lasvit launches Alice in Dubai

Known for using remarkable Bohemian glass, global lighting designer and manufacturer, Lasvit is preparing to launch its new kinetic installation called Alice in Dubai at Downtown Design.

The installation centres around a massive lighting design known as Alice, inspired by Alice in Wonderland, and combines high-end technology and engineering with the company’s well known Bohemian glass.

Leon Jakimic, president of Lasvit, says: “It’s a kinetic installation called Alice, which is a combination of our glass with kinetic work. It’s technology meeting glass. We have combined the world’s best glass blowers with engineers to become the first company that connects engineers, programming and glass art.”

According to Jakimic, Alice comes with a set of 10 various choreographed sets which can be chosen by using a simple app on the user’s smartphone. By downloading the application, one can control Alice and decide which performance it can present. Alice’s movements can last for several days, or be programmed to go on once at a time.

“We launched Alice first in April in Milan,” says Jakimic. “This is the second time ever that we are showing Alice, and it is the first time we are showing it in the Gulf.”

Jakimic says that Alice was the highlight of Lasvit’s exhibition in Milan, and served to be an ultimate showstopper. Alice consists of various glass pieces that can flutter up and down, at various speeds and orders.

Jakimic explains: “People were completely stunned by its movement and the music that played along with it. It had a really great impact and we had eight other collections there that were displayed around Alice. In Downtown Design, it will be a similar concept. We will have it as the most unique centre piece, while our bestselling collections will be exhibited in the same space.”

Of bringing the sculpture to Dubai for its second global viewing, Jakimic explains that Dubai’s vision and acceptance of what’s new coincides with Lasvit’s vision.

He says: “I think its relevance to unique, artistic and brave things, which have not been done before, and even the vision of Dubai, matches our vision of doing something unique and pushing outside of the box. We thought this would be a great place where people would appreciate Alice and find a use for it in their commercial or private properties.”

Alice can be programmed to move gently so as to not demand attention, or it can operate at a quicker pace so as to create a theatrical environment.

Following Downtown Design, Lasvit hopes to take Alice east of Dubai, so we can expect to perhaps see its third global viewing in Hong Kong, China.