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Lasvit creates diver-shaped sculpture made from 1000 glass spheres for Korea’s tallest tower

Czech manufacturer Lasvit has created a bespoke lighting sculpture made up of thousands of hand-blown glass spheres in the shape of a diver, floating in the atrium of Korea’s tallest tower.

Lotte World Tower is the world’s fifth tallest tower at 555 metres, composed of 123 floors, located near the Han River.

Its slender, cone-shaped structure with gently curved sides will contain retail outlets, offices and residences, as well as a luxury hotel and public-access floors with an observation deck. The exterior of pale-colored glass was inspired by Korean ceramics and features metal filigree accents.

Likewise, the lighting sculpture draws its inspiration from the Korean culture and environment. Designer Maxim Velcovsky, who also serves as LASVIT’s creative director, designed the installation titled Diver, a 17-meter glass sculpture composed of thousands of hand-blown opaque glass spheres.

Inspired by the fascinating and rich diving tradition in the region, Diver introduces the organic element of water into the strikingly geometric architecture of the shopping mall.

The motion of the meandering Han River is captured by the graceful movement of this floating figure. The bubbling surface evokes a feeling of air pearls, effervescing past the skin as one dives into water.

Diver is in motion, floating above the atrium and hovering over the commotion of the mall, just as the Lotte World Tower rises above its cityscape and river.

The sheen of the tower’s pale glass exterior is complemented by the white opaque surfaces of the spheres.