Landmark buildings should be constructed in London suburbs says Renzo Piano

Renzo Piano, the architect behind London’s tallest skyscraper, has called for future landmarks to be built in the city’s suburbs.

The Shard designer said London’s future success depended on “fertilising” areas outside zone two with great public architecture and building denser housing.

Piano, 79, said “It is no longer sustainable to make new suburbs, the only way we can make a city like London grow is to intensify it from the inside. I call it implosion, not explosion.

“We need to transform the peripheries and fertilise them with great public buildings such as universities, concert halls and libraries. I don’t like to use the word ‘suburb’ — it sounds boring — I prefer to use ‘periphery’.

“We need a mix of functions in the peripheries. We live 24 hours a day but in the suburbs that is not possible. The edge of the city is actually where most people live but if you don’t do anything then the centre of cities get squeezed.”