Country manager, DORMA Kuwait., DORMA MOVEO movable wall, Hayel Orakait, Kuwait Oil Company

Kuwait Oil Company first in Middle East to use DORMA movable wall

Kuwait Oil Company’s (KOC) is the first company in the Middle East to install the DORMA MOVEO movable wall at its Sabriya Collaboration Centre which oversees oil production in Kuwait.

Suspended from ceiling tracks, the firm claims the fiberglass construction is up to 50% lighter than conventional moveable walls and provides soundproofing up to 55 decibel, equivalent to everyday conversation.

The partition can be deployed by a single person and folds away into a compact storage space.

“We are very pleased with KOC being our end user to install our product MOVEO Comfort Drive movable wall in one of their operation rooms in KOC Headquarters,” said Hayel Orakait, country manager, DORMA Kuwait.

The DORMA MOVEO system is available in three product variations. The Smart Line is for average room heights and low sound insulation requirements (37 dB), the Business Line has moderate to high sound insulation values (47 and 55 dB) with a more sophisticated finish.

The Design Line has high acoustic values (55 dB) with aesthetically pleasing surface finishes.

When installing the MOVEO panels, there are six stacking alternatives and each takes up a small area.