Kourosh Hajizadeh wins Architect of the Year

Founder of Hajizadeh and Associates, Kourosh Hajizadeh was handed the prize for Architect of the Year, at the Middle East Architect Awards 2013.

The award was presented to the architect by Shaji Ul Mulk, founder and chairman of Mulk Holdings, the company behind Alubond.

The panel described Hajizadeh as an architect with a strong body of work ranging from masterplans to individual buildings.

The judges praised the strong graphic communication of ideas as a great strength of this year’s winner as well as his desire to innovate and take that one- step further to create something special.

Amongst Hajizadeh’s many projects are the University of Isfahan, Iran and the Tehran War Museum, Iran.

“I still don’t believe it,” said Hajizadeh. “I’m very happy right now. I’m extremely grateful to all of the people involved in this event; both the organisers and the judges. It’s been an amazing evening.”

He continued: “This award will be a new beginning for me in this region,” said Hajizadeh. “I’m extremely interested in focusing on is the relationship between people, cities and architecture. I intend to really focus on this relationship; I want to create harmony between these three factors.”

Pierre Martin Dufresne of U+A Architects was highly commended for the category, already winner of Principal of the Year at the event.