KONE Kingdom Tower technology deployed in New Zealand high rise

Technology developed for Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom Tower is being used in the tallest building in New Zealand.

Auckland’s 328m Sky Tower is to modernise its elevator system with Kone UltraRope, the hoisting technology developed for the 1km project in KSA..

Kone’s carbon fibre-based hoisting system, UltraRope, has been selected for the modernisation work because of its ability to reduce energy consumption and mitigate the effects of building sway.

Arron Money, Skycity’s executive manager for capital development and facility services, said: “The significance of Sky Tower as a key part of Auckland’s tourism industry can’t be understated. Maintaining and modernising our facility is crucial to ensuring we are providing an exceptional experience for customers, ensuring people flow is optimised and visitor safety is maintained.”

Johannes de Jong, Kone’s head of technology and major projects, said: “We are extremely proud to work with Skycity in the elevator modernisation of the iconic Sky Tower in Auckland.

“The modernisation from conventional ropes to Kone UltraRope in high-rise buildings brings tangible benefits in terms of energy efficiency, longer lifetime, and less sensitivity to building sway. Over 3,000 buildings globally would benefit from a rope modernisation similar to the one taking place at Sky Tower.”