KLAFS, Martin Schultheiss, Tangram spa

Klafs unveils Tangram futuristic spa

Klafs has launched the Tangram spa, combining a sauna, steam bath, shower area and relaxation zone.

Designer, Martin Schultheiss, believes interior architectural trends are moving in the direction of living concepts with open room structures. Individual areas merge into each other to become connected living units. This is also the case with the Tangram spa, which opens up into the room.

“The large glass front provides a view of the interior, consisting of sauna, steam bath and a shower area, which combines both bathing forms. Here, the steam bath is dominated essentially by the strict geometric structures and the material characteristics of glass, metal and stone,” he said.

“In contrast, the floral, irregular golden pattern on a black background has a strong emotional impact. Inside the sauna the walnut wood decorates the walls and different eye catchers give it a unique appearance and function.

“A substructure, set back in a spatially ingenious manner, gives the reclining surface swinging character. The headrests are original: they are hung from a joint in the wall and fit in perfectly with the modern appearance. The oven below the bench deserves particular attention. It creates space and provides pleasant infusions automatically at the touch of a button. “

The combining element of the cubicles is the shower and cooling-down area, which is made from natural black stone. It is controlled from the Touchcontrol Professional, colour touch screen.