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Kengo Kuma designs modern art museum in Turkey inspired by Ottoman houses

Japanese architects Kengo Kuma and Associates has unveiled designs for a new modern art museum in Turkey with the aim on promoting modern Turkish art to locals.

The privately-owned space will showcase collections of Turkish modern art in Eskisehir, a city known for its student population who alongside locals, are targeted as visitors.

The design of the Odunpazari Modern Art Museum is inspired by traditional Ottoman houses that are made from wood and feature a cantilevered volume at the upper levels.


The architects have proposed stacked and interlocking boxes of various sizes that is set to create diverse scale for exhibition spaces for both indoors and outdoors. This allows the museum to create a connection with its urban environment as well as becoming a new cultural landmark of the Odunpazari area. The stacked volumes appear larger as they approach the heart of the structure.


“We aim to reflect this street scape quality into the new architectural design of the museum that stands in the urban scale,’ said Yuki Ikeguchi, partner in charge at Kengo Kuma and Associates.“Our design strategy is to make the volume in aggregation; stacking small boxes to create the urban scale architecture.”

Large scale art installations will be on show on the ground floor level, while the smaller ‘boxes’ on the upper levels are intentionally downsizes to showcase more intimate scales of art.


The central atrium level is composed of timber blocks and provides circulation to each level as well as inviting natural light from a large skylight above.