Karim Rashid launches New York architect company

Designer Karim Rashid has teamed up with architect Alex Hughes to launch an urban design firm which will undertake property design across the entire process, from foundations to artwork.

Manhattan-based Kurv Architecture will work on residential projects across New York City.

“Our company’s role and mission is to apply our collective knowledge of and experience with the worlds of real estate, architecture, interiors, industrial manufacturing, construction, and digital technology onto new ideas and experiences for better buildings and better development,” said Rashid.

He has also completed a host of interiors – including a Dubai restaurant– all in his signature colourful and curvaceous style.

Working with Hughes, his studio’s head of interior design and a registered architect, Rashid hopes to apply experience across these fields to holistic developments, at all scales and stages.

“We are unique in our multidisciplinary approach because we are involved in the production of the entirety of a building’s integrated components, from foundations and superstructure to the final art that hangs on the wall,” Rashid said.