Kansai look to colour the future

Four themes will dominate colour for interiors in the coming months according to an analysis from market experts.

Anne Roselt (pictured), colour manager at Kansai Paint has been studying colour trends for the year and spoke on her findings at Middle East Flooring, an event currently underway in Dubai.

She said: “Every year we bring out colours that are unique and inimitable. For summer, we have focused on colours that would create a cool retreat for your indoors.

“While crafting our colours, our research team monitors trends and predictions to make ideal colours for every season.”

The company’s trends for this year fall under four themes – each expressing a different palette and décor element.

The themes are Urban Glow, inspired by the myriad colours of the sun and its changing tones as it sets and rises, Natural Balance, an earth inspired theme that plays with the cooling organic greens of untamed forests, Vivid Expression reflecting a rich and luscious world of unabashed abundance, and Tailor Made which explores a quiet luxury where simplicity becomes the expression of elegance.

Kansai says its summer colours “exude an uncontained energy and warmth that is bound to make any space happy and cheerful – a summer blooming with colours and laughter in homes that become a sanctuary.