JT+Partners is using Dubai base to work on global projects

From its Dubai base JT+Partners is designing projects across the Middle East, North Africa and beyond using the city’s global location to reach developing markets.

The firm is currently working on projects in 14 countries including Angola, Saudi Arabia India, Morocco, Moscow, Pakistan, Seychelles, Sri Lanka as well as the UAE.

The company was founded by Joe Tabet who has over 20 years of extensive experience in the design and build business across the Middle East, including 13 with Atkins, as regional design director and hotel specialist. He said: “There is always something happening somewhere in the world and this is global market. You have to study it, keep an eye on it and chase it. Nowadays, the emerging market is towards Africa but let’s not forget that the USA and Europe are still a market for renewable energy. So, to go global, you have to have a global mind.”

It was this mind-set which led to Tabet branching out on his own and in February 2015 he founded, JT & Partners, with headquarters in Dubai. A year later he opened an Abu Dhabi branch office.

The practice has now grown to include 50 multi-skilled staff from 16 nationalities who form an energetic, collaborative, creative team of innovative individuals with their fingers on the pulse of global architecture and construction, from the latest technologies and trends, to the oldest traditions.

Tabet said: “I used lessons and knowledge acquired from my previous experiences, specifically the 2008 crisis, to guide and direct the company. Having learned ‘not to put all your eggs in one basket’, I carefully selected varied clients, locations and projects that will help launch as well as maintain a successful business.”

His projects include the Ras Al Akhdar Hotel, Abu Dhabi, which reflects the client’s vision to create the ‘Jewel of Abu Dhabi’ – a contemporary reflection of Emirati culture, with an identity complementing the surrounding Presidential Palace, Emirates Palace and Etihad Towers.

For this design JT + Partners’ architectural response celebrates the dhow as a symbol of Emirati culture and the nation’s heritage.

Al Raha Waterfront Courtyard, Abu Dhabi is a high end residential development which has its apartment units organised around a feature central courtyard which offers residents a unique experience by creating a sustainable and sociable environment within the development.

The residential resort of La Cascade, Ras Al Khaimah was inspired by the rock strata of the mountains and the strong geometric forms of the region’s heritage buildings. The architecture emulates the cascading terraces of a traditional village which is nestled in a sheltered bay.

Also in Ras Al Khaimah, the Corniche Al Qawassim, is a natural extension to the existing corniche providing cultural, entertainment and recreational activities. Central to the design is the integration of the existing National Flag Pole into a public space where the public can celebrate national and cultural events.

Further afield the Morocco Winter Retreat Resort is a private residential resort set in dense woodlands on the outskirts of Ifrane, Morocco. At 1,665m above sea level, the area enjoys an alpine climate with annual snow. The forest lent itself to the creation of a private enclave, with views over the trees of the European-style town and surrounding countryside.

Site work has already begun on the One World Development, Lucknow, India, which is a major urban regeneration 81-hectare development located adjacent to the Gomti River.

Tabet said: “The sky is the limit. We are aiming high and we are on our way up. So, no return, no regrets and no looking back.

“I don’t feel that I am working for myself. I have created, I am creating and will keep on creating a legacy that is owned by JT+P team. We are all working for the same goal.”