Jordanian architect creates life in Gaza artwork

Jordanian architect Reem Marji has designed an art installation which depicts everyday life for Palestinians in Gaza.

As part of a project entitled “Do It” she created a carpeted room, with a fracture in the wall, and old style furniture including a cupboard, a radio, a cooking pot, picture frames and an old fan.

Marji followed the instructions of artist Suha Shoman, who urged contributors s to imagine life under the blockade, without electricity, where one must queue for food and water, and to “imagine you are a Palestinian in Gaza”.

“I took each statement from the instructions given to me and started reflecting on it through design elements. I imagined that they have to not only queue for water and food, but to enter their living room,” Marji said.

In order to understand life in Gaza, she collected newspapers from 1921 to the present day.

“Through my research, I realised that history repeats itself. I saw news pieces with the same headlines, same stories, same people, just the dates changed,” the 23-year-old said.

The artist then started contacting people living in the Gaza Strip to hear real life stories and learn about people’s daily routines.

“I contacted Gazans through Facebook, Twitter; I even looked up some of them on Google,” she explained.