Jones the Grocer opens flagship store in Sydney

Designed by Sydney-based international practice Landini Associates, Jones the Grocer has opened its flagship store in Sydney last month.

The store has 18 outlets across the globe including the UAE, which was designed by emerging UAE architect Tarek Qaddumi, as well as Qatar, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

The main design requirement for the Sydney store was to bring the space alive by differentiating the retail, bar, café, show-kitchen and dining areas. This was achieved by detailed lighting by Point of View (POV).

“Drawing on our experience we used techniques specific to different sectors to bring out the quality of each area,” said Fransiska Laksmono, senior lighting designer, POV.

Suspended rectangular frames made of black powder are hung with spotlights with pale concrete flooring gives the area an open and friendly ambiance.

Custom steel pendants in the shape of diamonds, conceptualised by POV, are used to define the area.

In the dining room, the main feature is a heritage sandstone wall which is strongly lit during the day to draw focus though the restaurant from front to back. The materials and lower light levels create a more intimate ambiance than in other areas of the store.