Italian duo to design entrance gate for Iran project

Two Italian architecture practices have won a competition to design a set of gates to a residential complex in Mazandaran Province, North Iran. Waltritsch a+u and Rndr Studio, both based in Trieste, worked together to conceptualise the gateway which would be a welcoming gesture to those arriving home.

Waltritsch a+u explains: “Constructing a gate to a residential complex might be considered a privilege for an architect, as it allows him to get in touch with the most intimate side of people’s everyday life. The entrance will warmly receive the people back home, and bless them before they leave for their daily activities in the world.”

The winning concept comprises a series of polished reinforced white concrete columns with corrugated corten steel plates. The upper corten steel sections are angled at varying degrees for a dynamic aesthetic. The architects have looked to various elements of Iranian design for inspiration for this gateway, from carpets to clothing and other textile products.