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Istanbul forest park includes swings, hammocks and trampolines

A proposed park close to Istanbul could offer visitors the chance to swing through the trees and even bounce on trampolines high above the ground.

Studio DROR is proposing a park filled with innovative designs as a way to encourage collective experiences and interaction.

Described as “a love story between people and nature,” the Parkorman forest park is also envisaged to give people a chance to play in giant ball pits and relax by reflecting pools.

DROR was faced with the challenge of providing an incentive to draw residents out to the park. The solution was to preserve the existing forest life, and supplement it with surprising structures that allow people to play.

“We set out to create a park that dissolves the anxiety and fear that often accompanies an unfamiliar environment through a network of conditions that fosters unconditional love,” explain the architects.

“We imagined the most profound experience delivered through the lightest touch; an effort that preserves the lush forest and leaves every tree in place, as mandated by the city.”

The masterplan consists of five main zones, with interaction and play encouraged in each.

At the park entrance, “The Plaza” introduces visitors to nature and provides open space for gathering and socialising; in “The Loop,” swings and hammocks float above the forest floor as a relaxing retreat from urban life; giant ball pits, inspired by the vibrancy of a spice market, make up “The Pool”; at “The Chords,” adventurous guests have the chance ascend into the treetops on a twisting footpath, then bounce on giant trampolines.