Islamic calligraphy exhibition opens in Dubai

The Ayyam Gallery in Dubai’s Al Quoz district is hosting an exhibition called Transcendental Strokes, showcasing the work of Iranian artist Mohammad Bozorgi.

A calligrapher, Bozorgi is recognised for his innovation of traditional forms, and will debut recent works that reflect new experiments in merging the text-based abstraction of Islamic art with contemporary painting.

Inspired by the tenets of his Islamic faith, his techniques see him painstakingly transform the many names of God and other key words and passages from the Holy Koran into powerful visual manifestations that allude to metaphysical existence.

In his latest works, Bozorgi uses technically complex repetition and symmetry to create vast and densely filled compositions.

Often mirroring one side of the canvas with the other, individual letters and characters are intertwined.  Bozorgi approaches calligraphy with an architectural eye that is evident in the mathematical structure and symmetry of letters.

The exhibition runs until July 30.