Investment prospects for Dubai analysed

In what field in Dubai would real estate professionals invest $10m if they wanted to maximise their returns?

That was a question posed at this year’s Cityscape Global Conference, held in advance of the main event which takes place over three days starting tomorrow (Tuesday).

Research director of online company YouGov Lara Al Barazi posed the question at the event at Dubai’s Conrad Hotel.

“In total 52% chose the real estate sector” said Al Barazi.

The research company had spoken to 295 property investors, 926 potential home buyers and 313 real estate professionals in compiling a survey looking at the market for residential design, build and sales.

It found 60% of respondents felt the UAE was the best prospect in the region for investors because of its safety and the security placed around returns on investments. Also 69% felt that growth would take place in the market over the next 12 months.

When choosing to buy a property those who took part in the survey emphasises proximity to public transport as the most important factor followed by easy access to convenience stores, shopping malls and mosques.

Seven out of 10 said they first search online for new accommodation.

Al Barazi said: “Overall the survey revealed a positive response from the real estate sector. Dubai is a market which those who took part feel will grow.”