Instep showcases at Big 5

Interior and exterior decoration with the use of wood as a main material is the specialist field of Instep – a husband a wife run company which showed off its products at this year’s Big 5 event in Dubai.

TS Santosh and his wife Vanitha said they were using the event to showcase how wood can be used as a practical material as well as one which can enhance surroundings.

As the partners moved into the GCC they also said they had started to realise how business differs in the Middle East from the way affairs of commerce are conducted on the Indian sub-continent.

“We make products for a combination of interior designers and contractors,” said TS Santosh.

“They are used in retail areas, in public places and hotels. We want to expand our activities into this part of the world, where I feel the way of doing business is slightly different to our home country.

“We have noticed that 95 per cent of the time the contractor does not stick to the specified brief. The initial plan is not adhered to. This may be because the buildings is sold while construction is still underway, or any other number of reasons.

“But it means that for us – we do not add our final touches until completion has taken place, as we know they may need to be changed. This is different from our experiences in India, where the plans are faithfully adhered to all through a development.”

Vanitha Santosh added: “The whole market is still seeing the after-effects of the recession which hit us all. But things are looking better and that is why we are broadening our profile.”