Istanbul neighbourhood lifestyle inspires community project

Architect firm Oncuoglu + ACP has looked for inspiration from the historic city of Istanbul to design Nurol Park – a project which seeks to balance the personal and professional life of its residents.

Launched by Turkish real estate company, Nurol Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), it is a mixed-housing project with a combination of modern architecture and traditional neighbourhood life situated in the Güneşli district of Istanbul.

Ceyda Carmikli, executive board member of Nurol REIT, said: “We are not just building a structure, but an experience for the residents, by reigniting the neighbourhood lifestyle that seems to be forgotten in today’s fast-paced and hectic life of schedules.

“We have focused on green landscapes and a relaxed, yet luxurious lifestyle, reminding everyone the importance of balance between work and leisure in life through this mixed-use project.”

Nurol Park aims to rejuvenate an old-fashioned friendly neighbourhood and social scene with a modern twist, say the real estate company.

It will consist of traditional street shopping areas allowing visitors and residents to rediscover the charm and warmth of the great out-doors with 43,200 m2 open area designed by landscape architects at the Dalokay Design Studio.

Available facilities include indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and a fitness centre.

The developers said that Nurol Park hopes to break away from a life of isolation and encourage a social environment where people can create friendships and a sensation of serenity and comfort.