Indian architects design house in Bangalore that appears to be levitating

India-based firm Cadence Architects has completed a residential project in Bangalore that is shaped like a continuous loop rising from the ground.

The scheme itself has been conceived as a ‘fluid events space’, with folded concrete slabs which in addition to forming a stairwat that connects various levels, also demarcates the plan along a split section.

The living room is positioned at an elevated level overlooking an open kitchen-diner. The house includes four bedrooms that are organised along the loop at various levels. It also includes a movie theatre in the basement at one end of the building, while the other end houses an open-air terrace.


The interiors accentuate the sense of fluidity of the design, with cabinets, beds and ledges all holistically integrated with the building’s architecture.


Integrated objects are used within the projects made from malleable materials such as ferroconcrete and solid surface acrylic.

The building is shorter on one side of the house which faces west, therefore the architects re-conceived the traditional brise soleil as a more organically-shaped element that reduces heat.

The longer façade allows daylight to enter the dwelling, being more open.


The ground level is glazed and supports the larger mass that is above, which mades the upper volume appear to be levitating.