Homecoming for Le Corbusier Sydney Opera House tapestry

A tapestry depicting the first designs of the Sydney Opera House has returned to its rightful home.

It was designed by architect and urbanist Le Corbusier in 1958 at the request of the Opera House’s original architect Jorn Utzon.

Les Des Sont Jetes (The Dice Are Cast) is a wool tapestry that was commissioned just a year after the announcement of Utzon’s winning Opera House entry and was intended to hang inside the venue.

Le Corbusier and Utzon met in Paris in 1959 after Utzon had sent drawings of his winning design to the tapestry’s creator.

The finished work was delivered in 1960 but it never made its way to the Opera House as Utzon left the project in 1966.

Instead it hung in Utzon’s home in Hollbaek until recently, when it was bought by the Opera House at an auction in Copenhagen on using funds from benefactors.

Sydney Opera House chief executive Louise Herron said: “The tapestry will be on public display for everyone to enjoy, reminding us of our roots as we embark on a decade of renewal.”