Hill-Rom, Hospital Build 2012

Hill-Rom introduces the one-stop hospital room

Hill-Rom showcased its integrated patient room design at Hospital Build 2012, as Jihad Al-Hussami, marketing director for MENA, explained to designMENA‘s sister website, Construction Week Online, why now is the time for healthcare project innovation.

Hill-Rom’s design is accompanied by a specialised hospital floor-planning software which can then be used by architects, engineers and contractors to manipulate the size shape and positioning of the rooms and its contents to fit the pre-defined build space.

“Hill-Rom has all of the products that you can find in the patient room, so why not integrate these products into the architectural design in hospitals? The earlier we get involved in the phases of design the better we can help in designing a room which heals the patient more effectively and helps the nurse or the healthcare worker to support the patient more efficiently,” said Al Hussaimi.

The firm’s concept revolves around dividing a private single room into five conceptual spaces covering the patient’s various needs: hygiene, clinical activities, mobilisation, the patient, and the patient’s family and visitors; the latter and the privacy aspect resonating particularly in the Middle East.

“This is new in the region; it’s already been used in the US, and is now being introduced in Europe and outside the US and North America, but it is coming to this region faster than in Europe because we have much more construction work going on, and a greater number of new projects emerging, which is facilitating our connections with construction companies, architects and designers,” said Al Hussaimi.

Hill-Rom is keen to exploit the wide-open opportunity that is provided by so many projects, and yet there is a shortage of regional experience in the explicitly clinical sector.

“The architects and engineers are happy because it makes their life easier for them. What we bring to them is the clinical expertise in addition to some architects, and with them it becomes a better integration, because when you have the clinical expertise with the design and understanding of the architects, then you can really link better to them, and that is the added value that we bring.”

From the customer’s point of view, it also saves them the hassle of working with different suppliers, and Hill-Rom guarantees the integration of all the different components, and the inter-connectivity of the hospital information systems, said Al Hussaimi.

“In Saudi we are working on more than two projects, and in the UAE we are now working with the American hospital in Dubai for when they started renovating or adding extra beds.”

“We’ve also recently launched our customer experience centre in Dubai Healthcare City and we are building this design there, so that rather than seeing it on a power point the customer can come and see it and taste it themselves and play around with it, and say, ‘well, I want this here, that there,’ and so on. This is what we are trying to establish.”