Hide and Seek

UAE: 2014 will mark 50 years since Geberit’s launch of the concealed cistern that was mounted behind the wall rather than in front of it. This became a more convenient solution for building owners and contributed to providing more space in the bathroom.

The concealed cistern meant that the cistern was no longer in the way and allowed the bathroom to appear minimal, sparking the change from sanitary units to convenience bathrooms.

Geberit pioneered the concealed cistern system, with the idea for the bathroom solution having came to corporate executive Heinrich Gebert who used to travel across Europe “with his cistern under his arm.” A bathroom renovation at a hotel in Grindelwald, Switzerland was where Geberit concealed cisterns were first revealed, in 1964.

This date marks a paradigm shift in European bathroom design where even sanitary fittings including pipes could be installed behind the wall, leaving no visible mark. The change is bathroom aesthetics meant the space could be designed to suit the requirements of each customer individually.

“Sooner or later, people want greater comfort and convenience in the bathroom. Geberit installation technology is an easy way to make sure all the necessary power connections will be available behind the wall. With Geberit Duofix and concealed cistern in place you will have no future concerns where electricity is required for maybe a shower toilet or say a touchless actuator,” said Louise Pitt, marketing manager at Geberit.

“To ensure that customers know years later exactly where in the wall that conduit pipe was put, Geberit have a recess for placing an electrical conduit pipe with a sticker in the service opening to the cistern to record the exact position of the pipe,” she added.

The equipment used for the Geberit concealed cistern has completely changed from 50 years ago. Now it’s made exclusively from environmentally friendly polyethylene. Using hydraulic, pneumatic or electrical actuations has simplified flush actuation.

Increasing emphasis on environmental concern has led to the development of the water-saving stop-and-go flush, a dual flush and adjustable flush volume. By pushing reduced water consumption, the concealed cistern technology protects the environment and the household budget for customers.

Alongside celebrating the concealed cistern, Geberit will also be presenting a new concealed model featuring three different construction heights. The cisterns are set to accommodate both front and top actuation. A key characteristic is the actuator plates are significantly smaller and open up a whole new level of creative freedom.