Heneghan Peng designs new Palestine museum

Irish architectural firm, Heneghan Peng has proposed a new design for The Palestine Museum, located on a hill above the West Bank Village of Bir Zeit. The design shows a series of unfolding green terraces planted with greenery that also surrounds the plains the museum is built on.

The Palestinian Museum sits atop a nearly 10-acre hilltop plot bequeathed by the Birzeit University, near Ramallah, the West Bank’s largest Palestinian city. The $15 million first phase is being sponsored by the Welfare Association, a Geneva-based non-profit organization.  This phase will include construction by the end of 2014 of 32,000 square feet that will include a gallery, an amphitheatre, and a cafeteria with outdoor seating, classrooms, offices, and service areas. The remaining 64,000 square feet, which will include a library and additional galleries, are to be built within 10 years.

The museum’s goal is to “preserve and celebrate the history and cultures of modern and contemporary Palestine,” says a spokeswoman for the museum.