Harvard Design School offers on-line architecture course at no cost

Harvard Graduate School of Design is launching a web-based course that offers free architectural education.

The Architectural Imagination course will allow students to “learn fundamental principles of architecture — as an academic subject or a professional career — from a study of history’s important buildings”, according to the website.

The first part of the 10 module programme will focus on form and history, the second on technology, and the third on representation and context.

Skills including architectural drawing and model making will be taught through a series of video presentations and hands-on exercises.

“In this course, you will learn how to ‘read’ architecture as a cultural expression as well as a technical achievement,” say the organisers.

Participants will not earn any credentials, however a certificate of completion will be available to purchase for $99.

The programme is authored by faculty members at the university in Cambridge, Massachusetts: architectural theory professor K Michael Hays; architectural history professor Erika Naginski; and history of architecture and technology professor Antoine Picon.

It is hosted on an online platform named edX, and enrollment is available now, for a 28 February 2017 start date.