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“Hanging Gardens of Birmingham” concept revealed by Architects of Invention

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon are the influence for a new housing complex in the UK city of Birmingham according to designers from Architects of Invention.

The firm’s concept references one the seven wonders of the ancient world as the Garden Hill proposal comprises two modular 25-storey towers arranged in a parabolic formation with planted rooftop terraces in between.

Approximately 500 residential units measuring are proposed to be accommodated within the geometric structure, which steps down towards the centre to reduce the building’s overall mass.

The layers will enable terraces and gardens to be positioned on the roofs of the units, creating accessible private or shared outdoor spaces for all residents.

The architects said inspiration for the “oasis-like residence for Birmingham’s growing, multicultural population” came from the verdant terraces of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

“The proposal suggests a new model for live, work and play,” said the design team, “where the units are small but there are large shared facilities for communal living and working, including music recording studios and small rental units for startups.”