2012 Architecture Biennale, Gio Ponti, Molteni&C, Rubelli company

Gio Ponti in Venice for 2012 Architecture Biennale

During Venice’s 13th International Architectural Exhibition, (August 27- September 28), Molteni&C and Rubelli is paying homage to Gio Ponti with the “Vivere alla Ponti” exhibition in Palazzo Corner Spinelli, the Rubelli company’s historical head offices.

The exhibition includes a furniture collection reissued by Molteni&C and the limited edition of an armchair designed by Gio Ponti for his via Dezza home in Milan, upholstered in the Punteggiato and Rattoppato velvets, also designed for Rubelli by Gio Ponti and displayed at the 1934 Biennale.

The chair is part of the Molteni&C collection, produced thanks to an agreement with the Ponti heirs and with the artistic management of Cerri&Associati.

The collection includes furniture designed by Ponti between 1935 (chair for the first Palazzo Montecatini) and the 50s (bookcase, chest of drawers, small table, frames and rug for Casa Ponti in via Dezza in Milan, 1956-57).

The Punteggiato and Rattoppato fabrics are respectively a chiselled velvet with a geometrical-design on metal background and velvet worked with abstract graphics.

Both belong to the Rubelli velvet and damask collection designed for the Venetian company by the great Maestro of 20th century architecture. Presented for the occasion alongside drawings and blueprints on original paper.

The display is completed by the exhibition “Vivere alla Ponti. Experiments in domestic life and architecture for living and working”. Organised by the Milan Order of Architects in collaboration with Molteni&C, the exhibition is a homage to Gio Ponti’s domestic design and his still modern vision of what is modern.

An intimate and professional story, accompanied by letters, family photos and video documents showing how alive and vital the great 20th century Maestro was.