Giant doughnut-shaped building completed in China

Italian architect Joseph di Pasquale’s doughnut-shaped skyscraper in Gaungzhou, China is now completed and located at the edge of the Pearl River.

Closely resembling MZ Architects’ Aldar HQ in Abu Dhabi, the 138-metre Guangzhou Circle was designed by di Pasquale’s Milan studio, AM Project, providing an iconic headquarters building for Chinese companies, Guangdong Hongda Xingye Group and GDPE Guangdong Plastic Exchange.

The architect explained: “”The architectural concept is for a building that will be immediately perceived as a native Chinese landmark using a closed and central structure instead of the usual western skyscrapers stereotype.”

The 33-storey structure holds a circle with a 50-metre diameter at its centre, which when reflected in the river, creates a figure of eight in the water- a symbol of luck in Chinese culture.

“[It] is inspired by the strong iconic value of jade discs and numerological tradition of feng shui, in particular, the double disc of jade (bi-disk) is the royal symbol of ancient Chinese dynasty that reigned in this area around 2000 years ago,” said Di Pasquale.

He added: “This figure also corresponds to the number eight and infinity symbol that in Chinese culture have a strong propitiatory value.”

The front and rear walls of the building are clad with copper plates, while the curved side walls are broken down into glazed rectilinear boxes. The central void of the structure features elevated gardens.