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Geberit’s Louise Pitt says fire protection is only as good as its weakest component

According to Louise Pitt, marking manager of sanitary products company Geberit, fire protection in architecture is only as good as its weakest component.

“If elements from various manufactures are combined, there is a risk of compromises at the interfaces,” she said. “Compliance with applicable standards and regulations is likewise more difficult. Geberit offers complete systems that provide a demonstrably high level of safety, giving critical time before the spread of a fire through the drainage pipes.”

Geberit’s silent fire security product

Pitt added that holes in walls and ceilings, as well as installation ducts, can favour the spreading of fires in a building if they aren’t closed correctly, and in accordance with standards.

“Geberit fire protection sleeves close the pipe opening in the event of fire and prevent the spreading of smoke, fire and heat to other rooms, floors or parts of the building,” Pitt said. “Combining Geberit discharge pipes with fire protection sleeves results in an exceptionally safe and reliable product when talking about fire safety.”

Middle East Architect magazine is running an in-depth article in its August issue about the UAE’s fire code, and how to understand it. More about UAE 2017 Fire Code can be found here.